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Puentes de radio

Puentes de radio
Puentes de radio


Advantages of the bridging service for MOTOTRBO:

  • Ability to bridge different radio networks
  • Cross-Radioserver bridging to cover distributed regions
  • Selective voice and data routing
  • Dynamic routing for private and group calls
  • Direct connection to the repeaters via IP
  • Breaks the limit of 15 repeaters per IP Site Connect

Dynamic routing for private and group calls

SmartPTT bridging service introduces intelligent way of routing private and group calls playing as a site controller for all connected digital sites:

  • Dynamic Routing for Private Calls. Being applied, it automatically searches destination subscriber of a private call through all connected networks and forwards the call to destination site.
  • Dynamic Routing for Group Calls. SmartPTT implements Multi Group concept to identify the members of talk groups. Having Multi Groups information SmartPTT is able to identify automatically which destination sites must be keyed up to reach the subscribers with the given group call.

Cross-radioserver bridging

SmartPTT bridging is a unique solution for interconnection of geographically distributed sites. Besides call routing between radio networks, SmartPTT provides call patch between Radioservers. This feature allows building complex multilevel bridging configurations. A good example of cross-radioserver bridging is interconnection between distributed analog or Capacity Plus sites which can’t be controlled by single SmartPTT Radioserver.

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